Mobile Homes Services In Sullivan, WI

Mobile Homes Services In Sullivan, Waukesha, Jefferson, WI and Surrounding Areas

Mobile home furnaces have a different design than standard stick built home furnaces. In fact any furnace built for a mobile home will have a label or data plate(tag) which states that they are approved for manufactured homes. Make sure your mobile home furnace has this sticker(tag). Installing a non-mobile home rated furnace in your mobile home can be very dangerous. Manufactured homes have a Non-traditional ducting system which distributes the tempered air throughout the house. A standard furnace which is not designed for manufactured homes may run to hot. This can lead to several servicing issues not to mention safety issues including the potential for a fire. Always take the safe road and make sure to install the correct product with the proper tag.

Choosing the correct furnace is of the utmost importance and installing the correct central air conditioner is also important. Mobile homes do not have the same large attic space of most traditional homes. Therefore they require uniquely sized condensers compared to standard homes. This can become very confusing for the average contractor who bases sizing on the traditional style home as well as the duct sizing. The issues appear to be impossible when looking at a mobile home through conventional eyes. Why do I need such a large sized unit? And how can we run that many CFMs through such a small ducting system? And the questions keep adding up.

That’s where we come in. Arctic Air has been skillfully servicing, repairing, maintaining, installing, and designing heating and cooling systems for manufactured homes for over 30 years. We do it right the first time which saves our customers money up front and through the long hall. We service all brands of equipment for mobile homes. Some of those brands are as follows:

  • Coleman
  • Intertherm
  • Evcon
  • Miller
  • Century
  • Nordyne
  • Goodman
  • Bryant
  • Revolv

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