Heat Pump Repair In Sullivan, WI

Heat Pump Repair In Sullivan, Waukesha, Jefferson, WI and Surrounding Areas

Heat Pump Repair In Sullivan, Waukesha, Jefferson, WI  and Surrounding Areas

While heat pumps are among the most cost-effective and efficient heating and cooling solutions for your home, use over time, and common wear and tear can result in system failures and breakdowns. In as much as some of these issues might look like minor disturbances, they may be indicators of severe underlying hitches. Regardless of the complexity of your needs, Kelchner’s Arctic Air can always handle all your heat pump repairs in Sullivan, WI, and surrounding areas. 

Common Signs Your Heat Pump Needs Repair

  • Poor Cooling or Heating Quality

When your heat pump begins to wear out, it often fails to heat your home adequately.  Once this begins to happen, it might be time to fix repairs.

  • Strange Smells

Rotten and musty smells should be a concern since they respectively indicate a dead animal inside the system or a mold formation. When the smell is that of a burning substance, you need to shut it down till an HVAC professional has checked it to avoid dangers such as fire hazards.

  • Increased Energy Bills

If you begin experiencing skyrocketed energy bills even when your system’s usage is constant, it might be time to give closer attention to your heat pump. To bring to optimal efficiency levels, you should check it with an expert to fix all the necessary repairs.

  • Unusual noises

In as much as a heat pump produces noise, it should become a matter of concern when the usual sound is replaced by screeching, flapping, bubbling, or even rattling noises. 

  • Old Age 

A heat pump that has worked for more than 10 may not correctly work as it used to. If you have not replaced it for some time, you might need to have it checked by an expert for any possible repairs. 

Why Choose Us?

At Kelchner’s Arctic Air, we take pride in your comfort. We are a family-owned and operated company that services all models and makes of air conditioners, furnaces, and refrigeration systems. We are always efficient, reliable, and guarantee you a 100% customer satisfaction. 

For quality heat pump repair in Sullivan, WI, reach out to us today for more information.

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