AC Maintenance In Sullivan, WI

AC Maintenance In Sullivan, Waukesha, Jefferson, WI and Surrounding Areas

Get Ready for Summer With Kelchner’s Arctic Air AC Maintenance

AC Maintenance In Sullivan, Waukesha, Jefferson, WI  and Surrounding Areas

It must be written down somewhere, that heating systems will break down on the coldest winter night and AC systems lay down on the hottest summer day. The best way to keep these two scenarios from actually happening is to get in the habit of a monthly, semi-annually, and annually AC maintenance regimen. 

Take a proactive approach to the needs of your AC maintenance by not only letting the professionals at Kelchner’s Arctic Air do their maintenance to your AC, but you as well can greatly lower the odds of a break down with a few simple, monthly maintenance items. 

Let’s take a look at some AC maintenance items that you can tend to in addition to your annual or semi-annual AC maintenance in Sullivan, Wisconsin.

Monthly Filter Changes

Keeping a fresh filter in your AC system, is like changing the oil in your vehicle. It’s important. A fresh filter can actually cause your system to run at a capacity that saves you money on your energy bill.

And with all the current situations around the globe, this might be a good time to consider a filter upgrade. The more efficient HEPA type filters are of the same quality as those used in hospitals and do a much better job in protecting both you and your AC system.

Check The Drain Lines and Outdoor Condenser

Make sure that the drain line for the condensate water from the evaporator coil is running freely. Sometimes debris will cause these lines to get clogged and the drain water will back-up into your evaporator coil and cause some serious damage.

Also, check on your outdoor condenser and make sure that there are no limbs, leaves, or debris impeding the air flow around your condenser.

These are just a few items that you can do monthly to help prolong the life of your AC unit. Please feel free to contact us at Kelchner’s Arctic Air for all of your needs of AC maintenance in Sullivan, Wisconsin

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